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Sesame Cosmetics

Sesame oil & Derivatives in Cosmetic Products Sesame Oil (Sesamum Indicum) is extensively used in cosmetic products ranging from moisturizers, lipstick, sunscreen, skin cleaners & hair products. Apart from the oil extracted from sesame seed, other ingredients made from sesame seed oil that are used in cosmetics & personal care products include Hydrogenated Sesame Seed Oil, Sesame Oil Unsaponifiables and Sodium Sesameseedate.

Sodium Sesameseedate is the sodium salt of the fatty acids derived from Sesame Seed Oil.

Unsaponifiables or unsaponifiable fraction of a fatty substance include all of the components that after a process called alkaline hydrolysis (saponification) are barely soluble in aqueous solutions, but are soluble in organic solvents. .....

Hydrogenated Sesame Seed Oil is the end product of the controlled hydrogenation of sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil.

Reasons to use sesame oil & its derivatives in cosmetics and personal care products?
The following functions have been reported for Sesame Seed Oil and the sesame oil-derived products:

  • Skin conditioning agent – occlusive – derived from Sesame oil
  • Binder, Emulsion Stabilizer, Skin Conditioning agent– Emollient, Lip Modifier, Hair conditioning agent, Viscosity increasing agent – derived from Hydrogenated Sesame Oil
  • Hair conditioning agent, Skin conditioning agent - derived from Sesame Oil Unsaponifiables
  • Surfactant – cleansing agent, Surfactant – Emulsifying agent, Viscosity increasing agent – nonaqueous – derived from Sodium Sesameseedate

Sesame oil and its above-mentioned derivative ingredients are neither skin irritants, sensitizers, teratogens, nor carcinogens at exposures that would result from cosmetic use. They seem to be perfectly safe for cosmetics.