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Tahini is called ardeh in Persian. In Iran it is used to make halvardeh, a kind of halva made of tahini, sugar, egg whites, and other ingredients. It is also eaten during breakfast, usually with an accompanying sweet substance, usually grape syrup, date syrup, honey, jams, etc. Ardeh and halvardeh are among the souvenirs of the Iranian cities of Yazd and Ardakan.

In Turkey, tahini is mixed with pekmez to make tahin-pekmez which is often served as a breakfast item or after meals as a sweet dip for breads. In Iraq, tahini is known as rashi, and is mixed with date syrup (rub) to make a sweet dessert usually eaten with bread.

In East Asia, sesame paste is a major condiment used with dry noodles (hot or cold). Sesame paste can also be eaten as a dessert, known as black sesame soup.