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  • Qld Govt puts $1M into sesame for state’s north-west

    Jul 15th, 2024

    THE Queensland Government has reaffirmed its commitment to a thriving sesame industry in the state’s north-west with $1 million earmarked to drive development. Sesame emerged as the most promising crop for growth and diversification in the region from a comprehensive consultancy commissioned in 2018 under the North-West Queensland Economic Development Strategy.Subsequent market analysis in 2022 emphasised the global demand for sesame, positioning Australian-grown sesame favourably in both domestic and international markets. The absence of commercial-scale sesame cultivation in Australia posed a challenge, despite significant research funding from federal and state-based agencies.To address this gap, the Queensland Government has entered into a strategic partnership with the Australian Sesame Industry Development Association to drive commercial-scale sesame production. The North-West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy Implementation Plan to 2025 encompasses importing suitable genetics, supply chain enhancement, and market development. Realising these key components necessitates the establishment of commercial-scale sesame production and boosting grower confidence in both the crop and supply-chain logistics.“The humble sesame seed is poised to transform agriculture in North-West Queensland, and with this latest round of funding, we look forward to seeing the industry grow and diversify,” QDAF executive director agribusiness and policy Elton Miller said. “Market analysis highlights a growing global demand for sesame, positioning Australian-grown sesame favorably for both domestic and international markets.ASIDA chair Daniel Weinstock said the association was thrilled that the Qld Government was partnering with it to drive large-scale production.“We are uniquely positioned to foster industry development in this key growth sector and the strategic partnership between the Qld Government and ASIDA aims to establish commercial-scale sesame production and enhance grower confidence,” Mr Weinstock said.