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  • Tanzania:Farmers in Lindi sell 4,405 tonnes of sesame

    Jul 2nd, 2024

    FARMERS in Kilwa, Mtama and Lindi municipality councils in Lindi Region have sold a total of 4,405 tonnes of sesame in a second auction conducted through Tanzania Mercantile Exchange (TMX)--a transparent trading platform that allows farmers to witness real-time bidding by buyers.The auction held at Njinjo Village in Kilwa District, saw sesame prices reach a high of 3,490/- and a low of 3,340 /-.Speaking during the event, Goodluck Luhanjo, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Officer said Hazina and Ilulu warehouses in Mtama have led by having high prices.Luhanjo said the successful auction is a significant step forward in the government’s commitment to agricultural reform and transparency, setting a precedent for other crops and regions in Tanzania. He said farmers who showed up in the auction at Hazina warehouses witnessed their sesame totalling 510 tonnes being sold between 3450/- and 3482/-.At Ilulu warehouse which had a total of 549 tonnes and 854,000 kilogrammes, sesame was sold between 3400/- and 3490/-/ per kilogramme. Farmers at Bucco warehouse in Lindi Municipality with a total of 1,510 tonnes of sesame prices ranged between 3,400/- and 3,470/- per kilogramme and for the Nangukuru warehouse with 1,826,824 tonnes, prices ranged between 3,340/- and 3440/-/. Hassani Mnumbe, Vice Chairman of the Lindi Mwambao Cooperative Union said many farmers have been satisfied with the prices.“However, prices reached by buyers were due to the current prices in the global market as sesame and cashews are produced in various countries where he urged to ensure that they invest in production of quality produce,” he said.He said that with the current TMX system, farmers have more room to negotiate best prices of their produce thus witnessing productivity. By allowing farmers to observe the bidding process directly, the platform not only ensures transparency but also empowers them by providing them with real-time market data,” he said. However, some of the farmers, Juma Hemedi, Hemedi, Juma Yusufu, Mwanahawa lsmaili, Somowe Abdallah and Hamida Saidi expressed dissatisfaction with the prices saying that they have been forced to sell the produce as there is no way. “Buyers have reached a very low price, we didn’t expect this,” Hemed said. The TMX platform is part of Tanzania’s broader Agenda 1030, an initiative to enhance market efficiency and ensure fair trading practices.This initiative is expected to boost the confidence of sesame growers and traders by providing a reliable and transparent mechanism for pricing and selling their produce.