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  • Agriculture experts encourage timely sesame cultivation

    May 26th, 2024

    Agriculture experts are urging farmers to prepare their land for sesame (Til) cultivation starting from June. Sesame, a lucrative cash crop, not only meets domestic food needs but also significantly boosts growers’ income and contriutes to Pakistan’s economy through exports.A spokesperson for the agriculture (extension) department highlightedthat Pakistan earned $1.5 billion from sesame exports this year.With timely cultivation and modern techniques, this figure could potentially double to $3 billion annually.The ideal cultivation window for sesame extends from June to mid-July. Farmers are advised to use high-quality seeds of approved varieties such as Anmol-2023, Faisalabad Til, TH-6, TS-5, and Til-18.Sesame seeds contain vital nutrients like 28 mg/kg calcium, 23 mg/ kg iron, and 13 mg/kg copper, essential for bone health. With over 50% high quality edible oil and 22% protein, sesame finds extensive use in bakery, fast food, and feed industries.Its oil is in high demand for pharmaceuticals, perfumes, soaps, and carbon paper production.Encouraging farmers to maximise sesame cultivation on their land, thespokesperson for the agriculture (extension) department emphasised its attractive market value, offering a promising so- lution to alleviate growers’ financial challenges.